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Classified by reconstructing and reconstructing on the principal and / or interest payment of principal and / or interest in one-year monitoring period, or once again reconstructed within this monitoring period.

Which is likely to ensure that all of the principal and / or entire interest may not be charged in accordance with the credentials in the Credit Agreement.

The delay from the maturity of the principal and / or the maturity of the interest or the date of the date of payment, but a hundred eighty days, but not one year.

Expected to pass hundred eighty days of the delay in the sector in macroeconomic conditions for flex loans online or independently due to the negative developments in the sector and independently of the borrower.

Due to the fact that the loan valuability of the loan valuability has been eliminated, or expected to collect a negligible portion of the total receivable amount.

The third and fourth groups are the properties specified in the fourth groups, which are likely to be charged in an amount of receivable and the amount of receivable amounts to be paid for a year.

In accordance with Article 4, all receivables classified in the third, fourth and fifth groups are considered to be dull receivable in the implementation of this Regulation, regardless of whether interest-like interests on accrued interests and debt are added to the main money. .

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